Adèle Exarchopoulos

15 Sep 2017

     September 12 – Leaving a Press Conference in Toronto

15 Sep 2017

     Photoshoot by Fabrice Dall’Anese for Vanity Fair

12 Sep 2017

     September 9 – Leaving the Excelsior Hotel in Venice

11 Sep 2017

     Photoshoot by Fabrizio Maltese for The Hollywood Reporter

10 Sep 2017

     September 8 – 74th Venice Film Festival – ‘Racer And The Jailbird (Le Fidele)’ Screening

10 Sep 2017

     September 7 – Arriving to the Excelsior Hotel in Venice

8 Sep 2017

     September 8 – 74th Venice Film Festival – ‘Racer And The Jailbird (Le Fidele)’ Photocall

5 Sep 2017

     Des morceaux de moi (2012) – Screencaps

26 Aug 2017

     Belgium Picks ‘Racer And The Jailbird’ For Oscar Race

Belgium has submitted Michaël R Roskam’s Racer And The Jailbird as the country’s entry into this year’s Foreign Language Oscar race. The dark romantic thriller stars Matthias Schoenaerts and Adèle Exarchopoulos and is having its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival before heading to Toronto next month. It’s the second submission for Roskam, whose feature debut Bullhead was nominated in the category in 2012.

The pic (original title: Le Fidèle) is a love story set at a racing circuit where gangster Gino meets Benedicte, a wealthy and fearless racing driver. Fierce and loyal, Gigi and Bibi fight for their love against fate, but also against reason and their own weaknesses. Roskam penned the script with Thomas Bidegain and Noé Debré.

2017 Foreign Language Film Oscar Submissions:
Azerbaijan – Pomegranate Orchard – Ilgar Najaf
Belgium – Racer And The Jailbird (Le Fidèle) – Michaël R Roskam
Bosnia and Herzegovina – Men Don’t Cry – Alena Drljevića
Dominican Republic – Woodpeckers – José Maria Cabral
Germany – In The Fade – Fatih Akin
Iraq – The Dark Wind – Hussein Hussan
Nepal – Seto Surya (White Sun) – Deepak Rauniyar
Sweden – The Square – Ruben Östlund
Switzerland – The Divine Order – Petra Volpe

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21 Aug 2017

     August 21 – Filming ‘The White Crow’ in Paris

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